After launching a technology product suite globally to FCM Travel Solutions clients in 2016, we later surveyed to gain insights into adoption and understanding. We discovered that the suite scored poorly, and as a result we dedicated months to workshop and ideate a better, more coherent approach to the product message.



The product wheel of FCM 360 was incredibly overwhelming, doesn't tell a story and that was reflected in Sales teams telling a consistent and easy-to-understand story too. We reduced 30 different products down to what matters to approximately 12, focusing heavily on what matters to the clients, and removing products that are provided by default.


Simpler naming conventions

Our naming conventions meant something to the business, but little to nothing when viewed through the eyes of our clients. When we took a step back with these insights in mind, we condensed our products down to categories rather than individual products.

By introducing a clearer vision and developing the messaging around this, our surveys showed a strong improvement over understanding and in new business wins.
— Billy McDonough

Groups and categories

Further breaking down the content so that each product category was then split into groups, Booker, Traveler and Manager so to better speak to the challenges of each of these customer avatars.