My name is Jordan Payne, I am writing to apply for the position of VP of Marketing, I found online through Glassdoor. Looking at my resume you will find I am a marketing professional with over 15 years experience. It is in part due to this depth of experience, the many expert-level skills acquired, and my achievements to date that I believe I am a great fit for this position.

Throughout my career, I have gained a vast wealth of knowledge, largely focused on Digital Marketing and leveraging social media to grow our business. Over the course of my final 3 years with Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) after joining the corporate division, I focused heavily on the corporate mobile travel app, Sam :] to oversee app install growth of 368%. I achieved this through a combination of advertising, internal sales incentives, product education via internal and external campaigns. This growth was hard-won due to the nature of our business - essentially B2B2C - capturing this audience is a more challenging uphill battle. It took a lot of tenacity and the ability to test, try, fail fast and recover. Scrappy, you might say. This is a part of what I offer, should I have the opportunity to join the Verifly team.

Prior to joining the FCTG corporate division, I spent over 7 years with Flight Centre’s leisure travel brands, paying close attention to optimization, increasing conversion by over 5% in a high-lead volume, highly competitive business. I am familiar with wearing many hats and sharing responsibilities, having worked in (and grown) many lean teams throughout my career. I love to employ intelligent systems to manage productivity and employee engagement, a recent example, I deployed OfficeVibe to gain a better pulse of my department and their job satisfaction.

On a personal level, I like to be active; I cycle, I am a novice rock-climber and I hit to the gym often. I enjoy photography and I’m pretty keen gamer when I can afford time. I am an Australian citizen but I have been a New York resident for over six years, and I recently spent 4-months traveling through Central and South America with nothing but a 45-liter backpack.

Thank you for your consideration, I recognize Verifly are seeking prior experience in VC backed startup, but I couldn’t pass by the opportunity to apply for this exciting opportunity. I welcome you to contact me if you should require more information about my qualifications.