Give your younger self advice

This gave me pause today.


Initially my obvious (to me) advice was “don’t marry too quickly”. And then I corrected myself. My marriage ended, but I said it then as it ended “I don’t regret our relationship or the time we had together”. As painful as the end was the positives of our relationship entirely outweighed that pain.

Giving the question more thought I landed on a couple of things:

  1. Invest in your future

  2. Seek people and experiences

  3. Be curious and give

There are a lot of smaller pieces of advice that I guess may have helped me, but these two are the ones that felt more meaningful. In my youth I wasted a lot of money on gadgets and technology. Money that was not my own and that debt weighed me down. It kept me from seeing more of the world and likely took away from my future financial security. Now in my late 30s, I am thinking about what my future self is going to need and how I will fend for him.

Secondly, there have been moments in life as I’ve hit my 30s that I started to see how much experiences create memories. And what that culminates in is a richer life, through conversation with peers, and in happiness overall. I think in my 20s I spent too much time on routines and not experiences.