About Jordan


Hi, I'm Jordan

I’m a Marketer, a jogger, novice climber and photographer, and founder of @olddoorsociety on Instagram.

I buy tech a bit more than the average. Friends suggested I write comprehensive reviews...


This site serves as a place to host my tech reviews, photographs, portfolio, and anything else I can think of that I might need online.

I have been in the marketing profession for over 10 years. My career is focused on successfully increasing business results in tangible ways, my experience has largely been travel (both leisure and business) and my skills lean heavily into digital. Read my resume here.

I'm a classic early adopter, so through my observations of these gadgets you can make better purchasing decisions. I'm also a bit tired of tech review channels that steer away from making a direct call on whether you should buy a product. Read my reviews here.

I’ve been gradually building up my knowledge of photography and getting more familiar with my camera for the last 6 months. I shoot with a FUJIFILM X-E3 and I really enjoy the photos it produces.

Interested in a gadget and want my take? 

Hit me up on Twitter @jordanjpayne